Meet our Parish Contacts

If you know who you're looking for and simply need a contact phone number, this is the place to find it.

Please visit the Parish Guide page to download a copy of our comprehensive guide to Parish activities, where you can find out more about each of these functions and the many other groups active in St. Edmund's Parish.
 Clergy  Canon David Parmiter
 Parish Priest 
 01483 416880  
 Baptism  Judith Carroll
 01483 414543         
 Book Stall / Repository  Anna Rogers  01428 683409  
 Bumps & Babes  Janet Quinlan  01252 702156
 Christian Unity  Angela Gilmour
 01483 424988
 Confirmation  Ali McAully      01483 422191  more
 Diocesan Child 
   01273 241203  
 Emergency Contact  St. Joseph's, Guildford  01483 562704  
 Finance & General
 Alan Lion  01483 420859  The central management committee for
 the parish.
 First Holy Communion  Gina Castle
 Gift Aid  Eileen Hudson  01483 208238  
 Justice and Peace  Mary Waight  01483 428031  more
 Knights of St. Columba  Sean Leathem  01483 423954  more
 Liturgy  Susan Strudwick  01483 428564  
 Marriage & Family Life  Andrew Lodge  01483 415614
 Parish Assistant  Sarah Stilwell  01483 416880  
 Parish Vision

 Pastoral Renewal  Ian Honeysett
 01483 429615
 RCIA  Ian Honeysett  01483 429615  more
 Small Communities  Judy Collins
 01483 421681

 Social Concerns  Margaret McClinton  01483 424967  
 St. Edmund's School  Elizabeth Higgins
 01483 414497  visit the school's website
 St. Vincent de Paul    07990 717067  
 Trinity Trust Team  Andy Poulsom  01483 420206  see the TTT website
 Website  Cathy Sanderson
 01483 417966  
 Youth  Ali McAully  01483 422191  more


Some of our 2018 Parish Co-ordinators are pictured right.

They are: Back row (L to R): Susan Strudwick (Liturgy), Fr David, Janet Quinlan (Baptism / Bumps & Babes), Ali McAully (Confirmation / Youth), Andrew Hetherington (Altar Server); Co-ordinator Sean Leathem (absent), Andrew Lodge (Marriage & Family Life), Ian Honeysett (Pastoral Renewal / RCIA)
Front row (L to R): Mary Waight (Justice & Peace), Sandra Paiano (Social Events), Margaret McClinton (Social Concerns), Angela Gilmour (Christian Unity)