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Parish Annual General Meetings

Documents relating to this year's Parish AGM are now available for download below. Please send any comments to Alan Lion.

Please note that documents and minutes relating to the AGMs in prior years may be found on a separate page - please visit the AGM - Previous Years page to access them.

Parish AGM - Thursday 25th May 2017

2017 AGM Minutes

Supporting Documents:

2017 Church Maintenance Report

2017 Co-ordinators Reports

2017 Moving Forward Update

2017 St. Edmund's School Report

2017 Treasurer's Report

2017 TTT Report

Parish Finance and General Purposes Committee Meetings

Parish F&GP Meeting 12th December 2017

Parish F&GP Meeting 3rd October 2017

Parish F&GP Meeting 25th July 2017

Parish F&GP Meeting 4th April 2017

Parish F&GP Meeting 13th February 2017

Parish F&GP Meeting 13th December 2016

Parish F&GP Meeting 11th October 2016

Parish F&GP Meeting 9th August 2016

Parish F&GP Meeting 7th June 2016

Parish F&GP Meeting 5th April 2016

Parish F&GP Meeting 9th February 2016

Parish F&GP Meeting 1st December 2015

Parish F&GP Meeting 1st October 2015

Parish F&GP Meeting 22nd July 2015

Parish F&GP Meeting 21st April 2015

Parish F&GP Meeting 3rd March 2015

Parish F&GP Meeting 2nd December 2014 

Dealings with Diocese regarding Development Plan

Parish Development - An Update 30th October 2016

Documents referenced in the above update:

Diocesan Finance Committee Letter to St. Edmund's 20th September 2016

Letter from Parish F&GP to Diocesan Finance Committee 23rd September 2016

Summary of Meeting with the Diocese on 7th October 2016

Parish Development - Update 17th November 2016

Letter referred to in the above update:

Letter from the Diocese 11th November 2016