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Surrey Churches Ride and Stride 2013

Well, the St Edmund’s Riders (four of us: Peter & Elizabeth Sims, Helen McSherry & me) set off at 10.00am on Saturday 28th September  from St John’s Church, Farncombe to complete our Ride – just two weeks after the “official” date. Earlier in the week, heavy rain had been forecast but prayers to the Patron Saint of good weather (St Medard, in case you wondered) were clearly successful  and we set off in high spirits. Uphill to Binscombe where we visited Binscombe church and were invited in by one of their congregation. The only downside was that my camera showed “Low Battery” and duly expired. Fortunately Helen was able to take a photo using her mobile.

Next we were off to Compton where St Nicholas’ church was also open : a fine mix of Saxon & Norman architecture. Then on to the Watts Memorial Chapel – a magnificent building. Inside, one of our parishioners, Jane Turner, was giving a talk which sounded fascinating but we had to press on. Helen had to leave us here (and, not surprisingly, took her mobile with her – so no more photos I’m afraid).

Then we crossed the golf course (just avoiding a rogue golf ball) and arrived at St John’s Church, Puttenham. We were keen to see inside as funds raised last year had helped restore the bells – and we weren’t disappointed. Then we moved into new territory as we’d not previously visited Seale on our Rides. A long stretch but wonderful countryside. A lot of the ride was downhill. St Lawrence, Seale, was by far the busiest church we visited as they were preparing for Harvest Festival. They also had one of the smartest  loos we’ve seen - for which we were most grateful. At that point there were definite drops of rain. But St Medard didn’t fail us and this soon cleared up. There followed the long stretch to St Mary the Virgin at Norney (we got slightly lost at this point) and then on to our final church, St Nicholas at Peper Harow where we encountered our first (and only) Wedding that day. In all we had been cycling for about 4 hours – lots of hills but very enjoyable. A couple of chains had to be put back on and my back light fell off but all went well apart from that! I’ve uploaded a map showing our route with sketches of all the churches we visited. Thank you all again for your generous Sponsorship.

Ian Honeysett

RCIA Rite of Election

The RCIA Rite of Election took place at Arundel Cathedral on Saturday 16th February. The photos show the Candidates & Sponsors meeting Bishop Kieran Conry after the service.

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